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We Simplify the process to build your dream project from Concept to Completion

1- Project Brief Description

Developing the initial project brief and related feasibility studies to help our team working toward development of the concept design. Site visit or site investigation may require at this stage.

2- Outline design and feasibility

Produced in line with the design brief and presented to the client and architect.

3- Concept design

Further developed to meet the client’s requirements after their initial comments.

4- Technical design

The planning drawings and documents will be submitted to the local authority for approval if required.

5- Contractor selection stage

They are the ones that turn the design into reality and we highly recommend using us to help you with this process. Prepare a schedule of works in details, specification, and materials to be used and the quantities required. The builders will price base on provided drawing. We ensure that your selected contractor know what they are quoting for and make certain that they have all information need for tender.

6- Construction stage

For every stage of a construction project there are certain steps and processes that need to be followed to ensure a successful outcome. Projects in construction may vary based on their size and budget. Regardless of the case, though, a construction project is always a long and complex process that required full support. Good news is that our extensive experience can help your builder to successful outcome.

7- Completion

End of the project is a time for celebration, but work is not over yet. To make sure that your project is completed comprehensively as promised by your contractor, our project checklist can help you. Our check list can reduce the stress of completing your dream project.

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